In My Back (& Front) Yard Tales   Formerly titled "In My Back Yard Tales"

Scenes found in our back yard. The exchange starts on 12/16/01 with an email and photo from Leighton Siegel. His email and response's follow. Please feel free to contribute something from your own back yard.

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12/16/01 Leighton Siegel
There were nine turkeys wandering around in my back yard this morning. They made quite a sight.

View video taken in Rollands back yard.

Click on the above link to play. You'll need RealPlayer or Media Player to view the video.


12/18/01 Rolland Walt Rolwalt@AOL.COM
Hi Leighton: It was quite a site to see all those birds in your back yard.
I am attaching another site from my back yard this summer. Enjoy! Rolland

Leighton, does this mean you are going to have another diversion called "Front Yard"? Rolland
(You called it Rolland - so be it. L.S.)

1/10/02 Rolland Walt Rolwalt@AOL.COM
Now that you have our backyard photo with the bears (ha ha), I couldn't resist taking this photo of our front yard visitors last week. These are genuine Canadian geese who stopped by for a visit.

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