Mystery Photos

These are old family photos which hade appeared on the Welcome page for identification. L.S. 
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This is Carl Siegel when a soldier in WWI.  
The musician without glasses is my father, Clarence Siegel. The one with glasses is Julius Winer. My sister Andrea was the first to identify her father, Clarence Siegel (it figures). No one identified Julius Winer correctly until Sharon Winer discovered us and the family web site.  Sharon found us when she traveled from Los Angeles California to Minnesota to learn about her family roots. Purely by chance she is  the daughter of Julius Winer. A very interesting email from Sharon is posted below dated 9/9/01.   The group is the Eveleth, Minnesota City High School Band. It was taken in the late 1920s or early 1930s. The two enlarged individuals are found near the upper left of the photo.

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