Jeannie and Barry Steiger in South Africa - March 2001
Jeannie wrote, "Africa was outstanding!!! It was one of those trips that everything went right. From the animals to the lodges to the wonderful guides. You need to have been there and know what I'm talking about. Barry loved it too. I think he was really glad he came. I know I was glad we were able to share the trip. My only regret is that it's over. I would really like to go back again to different areas. We'll see - problem is, there is so much else to see out there, but this was my "once in a lifetime" trip." (Great photos. L.S.)

Rhinoceros: The meaning of the two parts of this animal's name are derived from its two outstanding characteristics. In Latin, the first part, "rhino", means nose. The second part is derived from -  well - everyone knows what it means by its pronunciation. Giraffe:The word "giraffe" stemms from the Arabic word "xirapha" meaning one who walks swiftly. The Zulu call the giraffe "ndhlulamithi"  - which means "taller than the trees".  (Try and pronounce that. L.S.)
Lion cub: Once upon a time three lions were sitting on a hill. They were getting hungry. Below them, three men walked by, a Frenchman, an Italian and a Czech man. The first lion said 'I haven't had French food in a while'. So, he ran off and ate the French man. The second lion said, 'I'm hungry for some Italian food'. So, he ran off and ate the Italian man. The third lion looked at the sole remaining man, and said 'I guess it's my turn to spring for the Czech'!

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