Fishermans Brag Page

Family members are enthusiastic fishermen and fisherwomen. Here are a few memorable photos. Other fishing lure found in Fishy Tales

If you want your photo included send it to me at:  Include my fish. .

February 2002 Fishing in Florida.
from left: Leighton Siegel, Sid Israel, Charlie Ostrov, friend of Sid, and Rolland Walt. (Notice the number of large fish they are displaying.)
December 2001 David Ostrov Fish caught in backwater near Goodland Florida.
 (from Left) David Ostrov holding a Drum and Philip Ostrov with a sheepshead. (A drum & a sheep! What kind of fishing do you guys do? L.S.)
August 2000 Rolland Walt Rolwalt@AOL.COM Attached is a photo taken outside of Boston harbor. Tell Charlie  that this one was too small to keep. I learned how to fish from my father, Ben Walt, and am now teaching my grandsons, Ben and Adam Walt so they don't have to touch up photos. (ha ha). (Striped Bass. The, "ha ha", reference is found in Fishy Tales  L.S.) August 2001 Sheldon Siegel and his catch.  (That's one beautiful tuna. L.S.) (Photo by Denny Schneider )

       Look at that fish.
       What do you see?
       Sushi ?    L.S.
August 1994 David Ostrov is no slouch when it comes to fishing. (Lake Trout. L.S.) August 1994 Leighton Siegel (pre-beard) also knows how to fish. (Northern Pike L.S.)

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