Fishy Tales

I Receive the first hint of things to come with the arrival of a fishing photograph.
You many want to refer to the section on More Fish if you like these.

6/26/99 Rolland Walt Rolwalt@AOL.COM Leighton, I took this photo & am sending it only for bragging rights.

David Walt (on right) taken in Alaska.

Notice the gun in holster. He had to shoot the halibut to get it into the boat.

6/27/99 Charles Ostrov Reply to Rolland  Here is a photo taken by my cabin which is about 30 miles north of my home in Minneapolis.

Philip Ostrov (on right) age 5 catches "ordinary size" Lake Comfort crappie.

Just came back from Proud Lake and sending Charlie (Ostrov) my catch. Here's a photo before take off. I heard from the pilot that when the plane was coming in for a landing, the fish shook himself loose and dropped into the Mississippi. That fish couldn't stand all the bull s that was flying around Mpls. & St. Paul and is now swimming back to Michigan via the St. Laurence. Tell Charlie, there's more where he came from and I'll use a 747 the next time.
6/29/99 Rolland Walt Rolwalt@AOL.COM  Reply to Charlie

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