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was born on March 16, 1999

This is a way for our widely dispersed family to connect, share family information and current events, discuss issues, show pictures, learn about our history, circulate recipes and more. Send anything that you feel the family might like to hear about or look at and I will do my best include it. Don't be shy. Seeing something that you've put on the web is a kick. New material is added from time to time. Stop in and visit your web site when in the neighborhood.

Suggestions are solicited.
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Siegel's and Ziskin family members gather from far and wide at the wedding celebration of  Adam and Anna. - September 2010

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED in order to bring our family web site up to date, especially in these three areas.

1) Genealogy: Please take time to look at your part of the family hostory (origins) tree and send revisions such as births, deaths, marriages, corrections, etc. 

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3) Family Webs:  Most of these are out of date and should be removed, revised or added to.

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Added Oct, 2016 A Famiy HIstory for our Children and Grandchildren

Added Oct, 2016 Rose and Clarence Siegel - Their history in photos

Added Oct, 2016 Rose (Ostrin) Siegel - memorabilia 

Added Oct, 2016 Clarence Siegel - memorabilia 

Why North Dakota? by Dianne Siegel - January 2015 - new members added & some photos
PLUS Abraham and Anna Wilensky included
(A large file which takes time to upload.)

October, 2013
: Video now on the web site. Event on June 16, 1999
Dianne Siegel is honored for 25 of service years at the St. Paul Jewish Community Center

October, 2013: Video now on the web site. Growing up in Virginia, Minnesota.
Sam Siegel and Rolland Walt are interviewed in 2007

October, 2013:Video now on the web site
Lesli and Michael Wedding 8 27 2000

October, 2013Video now on the web site
Pauline Ziskin, The Early Years (inverview in 2002)

October, 2013Video now on the web site.
Pauline Ziskin's 85th birthday Party November 29, 1998

October, 2013: Clips from family movies made by Clarence Siegel were recently updated on the web site: Battle Lake, Minnesota 1943.

October, 2013: Navicare software was created in the mid 1990s by Leighton Siegel:
Navicare promotional film

September, 2010: The Strimling Genealogy section including the Strimling Strimling origins and hstory and Strimling Family Trees have undergone a major update.

July, 2010Allan Garon and Karen Entous have created a searchable collection of nearly 1000 newspaper articles along with a web site about Jews on the Iron Range, Duluth, Superior and elsewhere in northern Minnesota.
It is not limited to his family  and you are likelly to find informtion about yours. The website has over 2000 files and about 5000 pages.The link is on the Genealogy page

April, 2010:  The history of Abraham and Anna Wilensky was added to the Genealogy page

April 29, 2009: NOTE: Password protection was removed from the family web site except for the family tree section. If you already have a user ID (name) and password they will continue to work. Email Leighton Siegel with your name and how you are related if you need a user ID (name) and password.

May 27, 2009: Major Genealogy updates of Family Origins (history) and/or Family Trees for MILAVITZ, OSTRIN, WILENSKY, SIEGEL and DORF.

May 28, 2009:  View the slide show that was seen in 1977 at the Pauline and Dave Ziskin 40th wedding anniversary party.

June 6, 2009 Memories of Edna Engelson and Elaine Aronson can be found in the Genealogy
Milavetz addendum section and in the Special section.

September 12, 2009: A digitized copy of the  Siegel Family Reunion Book distributed in 1980 at the Siegel Reunion in Minnesota with the 1990 update as an appendix has been added. You can also find the Siegel Family Group Photo taken at that time.

September 15, 2009 Wilensky (Why North Dakota?) history was updated

September 30, 2009 Siegel family tree A NEW DISCOVERY: We are now able to go back one more generation, and know the the names of Mikhel Leyb’s father and mother.

November 22, 2009 Bits and Pieces, an additional update to the Siegel Family Reunion Book, was added.


Dianne & I and others are working on a project to restore and repurpose the deteriorating and abandoned synagogue, B'nai Abraham in Virginia, Minnesota. It's a beautiful and historic building. The project is remarkably interesting and worthy of support.

You can learn more at www.IronRangeJewishHeritage.org.

Sons of Jacob Cemetery in Devils Lake, North Dakota
Dianne & I and others are involved in a project Honoring the Original 1880's Jewish Homesteaders of the Garske Colony.
A Monument Honoring the Original 1880's Jewish Homesteaders of the Garske Colony was dedicated on September 17, 2006.
You can learn more at www.sojnorthdakota.org