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Dear family members,

Dianne is working furiously on expanded MAJOR genealogy updates and additions which include old family photographs.

You can identify the latest updates as they have a date next to them.

Though I have a significant collection of these old photos we are looking for many that you may have the only copy of. If you do, please scan (high resolution) & email them or ship/mail them to me so that I can do the scanning.  Please carefully package anything you send so that they will arrive safely.  I'll return your pictures very very promptly. 

Many of these files need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Before the Beginnings
Family Origins
Family Trees
Genealogy Resources on the Web
Family Videos

Before the Beginnings

History and Map

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Family Origins - includes many photographs


Leighton's Family Dianne's Family

This is a digitized copy of the Siegel Family Reunion Book distributed in 1980 with the 1990 update as an appendix. You can also see the Siegel Family Group Photo taken at the reunion in 1980.
Bits and Pieces, an additional update to the
Siegel Family Reunion Book
, was added on November , 2016
An updated family tree is found below.

Ziskin & Posner  updated November 2016

Why North Dakota? by Dianne Siegel - November 2016
Abraham and Anna Wilensky & some dates and photos
(A large file which takes time to upload.)

Dorf   5/24/09
Ostrin   4/27/09 Levin 5/26/09
Strimling origins and history 6/18/12
Milavitz   November, 2010     supplement    

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Family Trees 

NOTE: You will need a user ID (name) and password to visit the family tree area.
Email Dianne Siegel with your name and how you are related to receive a user ID (name) and password.

Leighton's Family Dianne's Family
Siegel Ziskin & Posner
Dorf Wilensky


Strimling Levin

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Genealogy Resources on the Web  This one may be the best place to start. Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest Ellis Island's entire database is searchable. Mormon Genealogy Resource, mostly for USA, England and Finland

Newspaper articles from 1860 thru 1940

Allan Garon and Karen Entous have created a searchable collection of nearly 1000 newspaper articles about Jews on the Iron Range, Duluth, Superior and elsewhere in northern Minnesota.

Although it does not say so, the newspaper collection includes all Jews and is not limited to the Garon family.

Nanci and Allan Garon's Family Website is extensive and contains much about the branches of our family from the Iron Range.

The Nanci and Allan Garon Famly website










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